Foreigners Obtaining Citizenship in Nigeria to Take Advantage of Opportunities – Aregbesola

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Foreigners from every continent, according to interior minister Rauf Aregbesola, are keen to become Nigerian citizens.

In September, 286 foreign persons received citizenship from the federal government.

Aregbesola asserted that the administration has been receiving applications from all over the world in a Sunday interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He asserted that despite the nation’s present difficulties, Nigeria has unrealized potential for everyone.

In contrast to the popular belief that life is difficult in Nigeria, the minister asserts that more people who are conscious of their missions and desire to fulfill them are becoming citizens of the country.

To take advantage of the untapped prospects present, he stated, “we simply need people who are driven, daring, courageous, and enthusiastic.”

Foreigners are making every effort to become a part of us because they are aware of opportunities and how to take advantage of them.

“Determination and dedication to self-actualization are the true problems. Nigeria is quite hospitable and encouraging to those that know what they want to do.

“We receive applications from all over the world; there isn’t a continent in the world where there aren’t people who want to join us.

“The 286 people who were granted Nigerian citizenship in September are currently having their passports processed.

“You will be happy that there can be this many foreigners desiring to be Nigerians if you met them; if you witnessed the excitement of those people who have become part of us.”

The minister made it clear that in order to be eligible to petition for Nigerian citizenship, a foreigner must have lived there continuously for at least 15 years.

According to Aregbesola, “For those who were granted citizenship in September, it took less than three years to process their paperwork.

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