Makinde directs the destruction of buildings on school grounds

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Buildings and other constructions that have been constructed on school properties around Oyo State have been ordered to be demolished by Governor Seyi Makinde.

Tuesday, Makinde issued this directive.

Shortly after visiting one of the state’s schools, he issued the decree.

The Governor issued a one-week deadline to owners of buildings that had encroached on school properties around the state.

He gave instructions to owners of businesses embedded into the perimeter fences of public schools in the state to demolish the structures as soon as possible.

Along with stopping all trading inside school grounds, he also ordered that any structures built on the area be taken down.

“The entrance is almost blocked by people who have their businesses right next to the school entrance, which is not conducive to learning,” Makinde added. We have thus gone around and are now requesting that anything that is affixed to a school’s fence be taken down.

“We’ll give them roughly a week to take those things down. They ought to be cleared so that we can be sure our kids are returning to a learning environment when they start school again.

“Since something is plainly not working with the architecture that we have in place, we shall once more start from scratch. In order to create the kind of environment that we can truly be proud of, we are working to determine what has to be done next.


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