Residents of Anambra turn to trekking as a gang threatens a protest

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Residents of Anambra State have turned to hiking as a result of the countrywide abrupt increase in fuel prices on Tuesday.

This is because transportation costs have increased much more after the prior increase brought on by the elimination of subsidies during President Bola Tinubu’s inauguration on May 29.

Due to the high cost of fuel, drivers have also given up on their cars, citing hard times economically.

A reporter from the 460play adds that the product is frequently offered at N600 per litre in the stations she visited on Wednesday morning.

Mr. Calistus Ezenwa, a local, stated: “I purchased fuel on Tuesday morning for N530, in order to travel to Aguleri. When I learned that the price of fuel had increased, I was still in Aguleri. So I’ve parked my automobile for the time being. My issue is that transportation costs are likewise prohibitively expensive.

In the meantime, the Coalition of South East Youth Leaders, COSEYL, a sociopolitical youth organization in the South East geopolitical zone, has vowed to stage a large-scale nationwide protest if President Tinubu does not reinstate the previous price of N198 per liter.

The organisation informed all labor unions of the protest’s planned date and location in a press release issued by its president general, Mr. Goodluck Ibem, and publicity secretary, Okey Nwaoru.

“We are alarmed over the new fuel price hike by the Federal Government headed by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu from N520 to N617,” the announcement stated. This is the height of depravity and blatant insensitivity.

“The recent increase in fuel prices has established beyond a shadow of a doubt that the previous increase from N198 to N520 in fuel prices was not the result of the removal of subsidies but rather a calculated effort to impoverish Nigerians so that they would lack the energy and strength to challenge the Federal Government in any way.

It’s time for Nigerians to put aside issues of race, tribe, and religion as well as other divisive strategies employed by the political class and stand up to the monsters out to obliterate the standard of living for the vast majority.

“We therefore urge the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, the Trade Union Congress, TUC, Nigerian Youths, All Traders and Businessmen/Women, All Trade Unions, and all Nigerian students in the entire nation to come out in large numbers for a protest march against this evil and wickedness brought upon Nigerians by President Bola Tinubu.

“Now is the moment to free Nigeria from her oppressors. Until the fuel price is restored to its previous level of N198 per litre, we must demonstrate in the streets of all 36 states of Nigeria, as well as the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja.

We merely need the fuel price to be changed to N198 per litre; we don’t need any palliatives. I’ve said enough.

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