The reasons behind my success in the music industry – Simi

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Singer Simisola Kosoko of Nigeria has come clean about her secret to fame.

The mother-of-one singer/songwriter recognized that the legacies of other powerful women in the music industry were important to her own success.

She pointed out that such strong women broke barriers and helped other women flourish in a traditionally male-dominated field.

“There are women who have worked hard to damn the status quo,” Simi remarked during a recent talk with African Folder.

“So, I won’t be too hard on myself unless you consider the many women who came before me and how much they helped me.”

Prior to 2014, Simi was a gospel performer, but she switched to commercial music.

Gospel music wasn’t “lucrative” for Simi, so she left it, she said in an interview from a few years ago.

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