Ortom swears in Oju as the new head of the COE governing council

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Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has asked Dr. Vincent Aondoakaa, the new Chairman of the Governing Council of the College of Education in Oju, to make sure that resources are used wisely so that the institution can provide better services.

Governor Ortom gave the charge on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, when he swore in the new chairman at the Benue Peoples House in Makurdi in the Conference Hall of the Governor’s Lodge.

Ortom said, “I expect you to make sure that the management team you’re in charge of uses the institution’s resources wisely and for the right reasons, so that the people get the best result possible.”

He said that the new Chairman was chosen to fill the position of Chairman, which was vacant. He also said, “It is meant to add value and reposition the institution to improve education and service delivery at the College.”

Governor Ortom reminded the new Council chairman that he was taking office as the administration was coming to an end. He said, “There were many challenges, and our people have high expectations of us.”

Governor Ortom thanked the Governing Council Chairman for being able to serve the state in that role and asked him to use his experience to help the institution grow.

He also told him that the Government would help him do well in his job.

In his answer, Dr. Aondoakaa thanked the Governor for the chance to work in that position and said that the place where he was sent was a place he knew well.

He promised that he and his team would work together to run the institution and make it a good place to learn.

Earlier, Governor Ortom hosted a delegation from the Benue Fashion Designers’ Network. During that visit, he announced that the Benue State Government would pay for 100 young people to study fashion and design so they could take advantage of business opportunities in the field.

Governor Ortom said, “As a government, to support your efforts, you should pick 100 young men and women from your group to train. The training will be paid for by the government of Benue State.

“I think it will help our youth and add value to what you are doing. When the training is over, the Government will also give the trainees the basic tools they need to get started. We appreciate you making us proud. We hope to see you with honors on the national and international stages.”

He told the office of the Head of Service and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to work together with the group’s leaders to find young people who could benefit from the program.

He said that the fashion industry is a good value chain for young people in Benue. He also said that they should be hardworking and creative to help their own lives and the economy.

The Governor praised Jamal Mshelia and his Benue Designers’ Network team for making the state better, saying, “This is what we want our young people to be doing. “The market for clothes is very big,” he said.

Earlier, the leader of the delegation, Mr. Mshelia, said that they were going to Governor Ortom’s office to thank him for promoting Benue culture through the Benue unity attire and to let him know that they planned to enter the upcoming fashion competition.

He said that the Governor has continued to play an important role in the fashion industry in the state. He also said that through his programs, the Governor has shown that he is a leader who cares about young people.

The group gave the Governor a plaque that said he was a “Fashion Icon” because he helped get Benue fabrics known.

Nathaniel Ikyur, Head of the Press Office, October 11, 2022

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