Nigeria could be ruled by Igbos, according to Gov. Ortom

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The Igbo people have the ability to control Nigeria if given the chance, according to Samuel Ortom, the governor of Benue State.

The governor claimed the South-Easterners are accommodative and hardworking on Wednesday in Makurdi, the state capital, when the Igbo PDP Forum paid him a courtesy call.

Ortom asserts that the Igbo people are peaceful and can coexist peacefully with other ethnic groups in the nation.

He vowed to keep bringing up the ongoing attacks on the Benue people by alleged armed herdsmen.

“The Igbo are hospitable and diligent. They are not like the ones who are killing my people and want me to remain silent; they are a group that can coexist with different ethnic groups.

“Until the government take the appropriate action, I will never remain silent regarding the ongoing attacks by herdsmen on my people. I’ll keep speaking out against injustice,” he declared.

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