Investigating IMT but not the former Chief of Staff, Nwobodo – Eke

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In the Coal City State, there is debate regarding the Institute of Management and Technology’s (IMT) recently announced investigation.

The committee, according to DAILY POST, was established by Governor Peter Mbah’s administration with the task of evaluating the legal and policy framework guiding the formation of the Business Committee and thoroughly analyzing the various types of fees assessed to students. This included looking into payment options, designated accounts for transactions, and the overall management of fee-related processes.

Prof. Ed Nwobodo serves as the chairman of the eight-person committee.

According to a report, Chief Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo, a former chief of staff in the State, is the target of the investigation.

But Chief Malvin Eke, the head of the Enugu Rights Protection Group, stated in a statement made available to the media on Monday that the investigation was not about Nwobodo as the previous head of the Governing Council of the IMT.

He asserted that the panel’s title, “Committee of inquiry into the accounts, management practices, and staff conduct at IMT Enugu,” unambiguously specifies its purpose and area of investigation.

He also highlighted the terms of reference, which, in his opinion, clearly set forth the purpose and course of the investigation.

“To thoroughly analyze the various categories of fees charged to students,” is one of the terms of reference.

“Examine payment mechanisms, designated accounts for transactions, and overall process management for fees.

“Check the extent to which relevant laws, rules, and institutional policies were followed in the choice and appointment of staff members, especially those holding important positions like department heads, the deputy rector, etc.

“Identify and examine all revenue-generating sources for the institution, paying close attention to the mechanisms for collecting revenue, the correct accounting procedures for remittances, and the general administration of these financial resources.

Investigate any instances where professors or an administrative body have placed unreasonable financial obligations on students.

Eke mentioned that the government was explicit about the panel’s mission and expressed concern that the aforementioned report is obviously ignorant of the duties of the Governing Council, whose chairman was Chief (Mrs.) Nwobodo before the council was disbanded.

Eke continued, pleading with the people not to be diverted by what he described as a diversionary and sponsored report. “It’s crystal clear what the government has set out to do,” he said.

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