Niger coup: monitoring against rice hoarders is activated by the Katsina government

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The Katsina State Government has noted that some rice traders and retailers in the state are hoarding the commodity to create artificial scarcity, in order to unnecessarily drive up the price for their own gain. This comes after all land borders in the Niger Republic were closed following the country’s coup on Wednesday.

This was revealed in a statement by Governor Dikko Umaru Radda’s spokesperson, Ibrahim Kaula Mohammed.

“This is very unfortunate at a time when the Katsina State Government is seriously concerned about the rising cost of living and is sparing no effort to cushion the effects of rising cost of living, including but not limited to procuring and distributing for free 39,100 bags of grains, which will be distributed by special committees established by the government at ward levels for the benefits of the poor citizens of the sta,” reads a portion of Kaula Mohammed’s statement.

“It is instructive to note, then, that the Katsina State Government would not sit idly by and watch as a few selfish and conscienceless elements destroy its efforts to make life comfortable for the teeming citizens of the state while destabilizing and overheating the state needlessly. To stop this from happening, precautions are made.

“This is to inform the public that the Katsina State Government has established a unique monitoring mechanism combining multiple security agencies to identify such economic saboteurs and take necessary measures.

“This is also a call to action for the general public to provide the appropriate authorities with accurate information that could help identify such economic saboteurs in order to help the government check this nefarious trend, which is obviously at odds with the goals of the Katsina State Government to provide aid and relief to the entire population of the state.

May Allah SWT change the culprits’ hearts so they cooperate with the administration in its attempts to improve life for the state’s residents.

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