Victims will experience the full force of the law, says Adeleke

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Land speculators, also known as Omo onile, have been warned by the Osun State Government to stop their evil deeds or face the full repercussions of their unlawful behavior.

This was announced by the state’s governor, Ademola Adeleke, in a statement signed on Tuesday by his spokesman, Olawale Rasheed.

According to the statement, Adeleke voiced disgust and rage at the so-called Omo oniles’ aggression towards innocent construction workers as he responded to petitions that had filled his office regarding the intimidation and abuse of craftsmen and contractors on construction sites around Osun State.

The government “will not tolerate the gruesome tactics of the Omo onile in forcing landowners to part with their hard-earned money,” the statement in the statement said. Security organizations have been ordered to take harsh action against anyone engaging in the unethical behavior.

“Almost every important town in Osun State, including Osogbo, Ife, Ilesa, Ikirun, and Iwo, has petitioned me. The Governor was quoted as saying, “Recently, I received more than three petitions from Osogbo alone, where offenders allegedly wounded and even killed several site workers.

I’ve heard rumors of artisans’ tools being taken, as well as the wrongful arrest of site workers and contractors. All of these need to stop right away.

“I have since ordered security services to carry out extraordinary efforts to find the offenders. Our government will not put up with blatant lawlessness or the unjustified disruption of innocent people’s livelihoods.

I’m also requesting that those who have been the victims of these nefarious operations contact law authorities so that proper action can be taken.

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