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In response to the autopsy results, the singer’s wife said, “Mohbad don’t sleep”

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Ileriowa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, was a popular Nigerian musician. His wife, Wunmi, has reportedly told her late husband not to rest easy in death.

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The call was made by her in the midst of rumors that Mohbad’s autopsy report was being attempted to be covered up.

The results of the toxicological test on the deceased musician did not allow for the determination of a cause of death, according to a senior advocate of Nigeria named Wahab Shittu.

Wahab told reporters following Wednesday’s coroner’s inquest that the pathologist had stated in court that the singer’s body had already deteriorated when the test was conducted.

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The reason of death cannot be ascertained, according to him, he told us.

He provided several justifications. He explained that the corpse had already decomposed by the time the test was performed, making it impossible to ascertain the cause of death. To summarize, he is arguing that the cause of death remains unknown, which in and of itself suggests suspicion, ambiguity, and a lack of a clear explanation.

According to Shittu, the pathologist also suggested that a response to the medications he had just taken may have been the cause of his death.

Wunmi responded by posting the message “Ilerioluwa masun” (meaning “Ilerioluwa do not sleep” in English) on her Instagram post.

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