Agu, Chinwetalu, takes aim at the Nigerian government over anthem change

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Angry about what he sees as a misallocation of resources, veteran Nollywood actor Chinwetalu Agu has questioned the federal government’s decision to modify the national anthem.

The Oscar-winning actor questioned in a video uploaded by Voice of the East on X how altering the national song might bring down food prices.

Performing both the old and new national anthems, Agu then said, “This is what it calls misplacement of priorities,” as shown in the video.

A litre of gasoline, a bag of garri, a tuber of yam, and a change in the national anthem? What do they have to do with each other?

A national song is only a band-aid today; Nigeria should just go sailing, he said.

“The humble national anthem we were able to compose, and now it’s your turn. Who are you to alter it?”

Agu questioned why the government was devoting resources to altering the national anthem while lives were being lost.

Inquiring about the possibility of eating the national anthem, he posed the question.

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