In Lagos, Yemi Alade fights back against home destruction

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Yemi Alade, a singer, has slammed the government of Lagos State for demolishing homes in Maryland.

The singer of “Johnny” bemoaned the fact that the government was causing them greater hardship by suddenly making them homeless.

She went on to say that investors are staying away from the real estate market because of the state’s continuous destruction.

Alade questioned the current situation in Lagos State in a video message that she posted on Instagram. Is it reasonable that individuals will spend millions of dollars or naira on real estate, purchase homes and lots, and then have them destroyed by the state government the very next day?

It keeps occurring like this. There is a fire in the Mende region of Maryland right now. Many are staying put for the night, only to find themselves without a home the next morning.

You’re destroying the value of the state and country’s real estate, and people are losing faith in Nigeria and the little money they saved for a better life. On what grounds is this acceptable? “Why, why, why?”

The rationale behind the current demolition of houses in Mende, Maryland and other regions of Lagos State has been addressed by Tokunbo Wahab, the state’s commissioner of environment and water resources.

The homes that are now slated for demolition, he claims, were constructed on top of drainage ditches.

Wahab mentioned Mende Villa, Maryland, where the developer had first said that the property had drainage permission, on his X handle. The Directors, who were aware of the events that took place, were asked to address the matter; however, they verified that the Developer had received conditional approval to leave a 20m setback from the edge of System 1, but he cut into the setback, blocking the flow of rainwater.

The original ROW was to be 140 meters long and distributed evenly between Mende and Ogudu, but thanks to Governor @jidesanwoolu’s magnanimity, it will now be 100 meters long and divided 60/40.

Following the first notice to remove in 2021 and the last notice served in November 2023 following the meeting with the stakeholders, the enforcement team has been instructed to proceed with the immediate removal of all structures on the alignment.

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