In Lagos, social critic Effiong topples Tinubu’s lengthy motorcade

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Inibehe Effiong, a lawyer and social commentator, criticized President Bola Tinubu for arriving in Lagos with a lengthy motorcade and called it ludicrous.

The reduction of the vehicles, according to Effiong, was something Tinubu should have pushed on since it served as “a reminder that the political class is not ready to make the sacrifices that they expect from citizens.”

According to 460play, Tinubu arrived in Lagos on Tuesday following trips to London and the Paris Finance Summit.

However, the President’s entrance immediately turned into some type of spectacle thanks to the extensive convoy that followed him to his private mansion.

Several SUVs can be seen rushing ahead of and behind the president’s official automobile in a video that has gone viral online and was recorded by a bystander.

However, Effiong said that while the fuel subsidy was eliminated to reduce costs, scarce resources were being frittered away in a statement posted on his verified Twitter account on Wednesday.

Mr. Bola Tinubu’s convoy in Lagos is just another reminder that the political class is not prepared to make the sacrifices that they anticipate from Nigerians, according to a portion of the statement.

“This is not the way a country with a crippling debt load should be run. Those who support the enormous convoy do Nigeria no favors.

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