FCC chair claims that her signature was falsified

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Muheeba Dankaka, the Chairman of the public Character Commission (FCC), claims that the purported selling of public employment opportunities led to the forgery of her signature.

Dankaka made another appearance before the House investigating committee on Monday. She has been in the center of the controversy since allegations of employment racketeering were made against her.

According to 460play, numerous commissioners in her commission had accused her of engaging in job racketeering.

Dankaka asserted in her testimony before the committee that other individuals, including one by the name of Haruna Kolo, used her false signature to hire employees and enroll them on the IPPIS platform.

They falsified my signature on the letter that was sent out, she claimed.

Following the hearing, Yusuf Gagdi, the committee’s chairman, issued summonses to Mr. Kolo Haruna, the Accountant General of the Federation, previous FCC chairmen, the Director General of AMCON, and others to appear before the panel in future sessions.

He said that the forgery accusation and other criminal accusations would be handled by the EFCC.


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