Igboho returns to Yoruba Nation after Buhari’s attempted assassination

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On Friday, Sunday Adeyemo, better known as Igboho, an activist for the Yoruba Nation, claimed that God was the reason he returned to Nigeria.

The comment was made by Igboho while he was accusing former President Muhammadu Buhari of trying to have him killed.

According to him, Buhari had the DSS and military come to his residence to kill him.

In a speech to his supporters in Oyo State, the liberation fighter blamed his assassination on his activism against the slaughter of farmers in the Southwest by Fulani herders.

Igboho claims that Buhari had his military and DSS arrest him at his home after he remarked that the Yoruba people are not property of the Fulani.

No amount of Fulanis can prevent our ancestors from working the fields. But I’m returning with God’s authority and strength, not man’s.

On Thursday, the freedom fighter flew back to Nigeria to be with his mother as she was laid to rest in the Saki district of Oyo State.

Following his declaration as sought by the DSS in 2021, Igboho eloped to the Benin Republic, leaving Nigeria behind.

He managed to evade the DSS after they raided his home in Oyo State’s Soka region.

His assassinations of Fulani herders blamed for the deaths of Southwest farmers and his advocacy for Yoruba Nation led the secret police to designate him wanted.

While trying to fly to Germany, Igboho was detained and imprisoned in Benin Republic.

He spent two years behind bars in a Beninoise prison, but he was just recently released.

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