I think,” James Ibori says in response to a recent UK court decision

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James Ibori, a former governor of Delta State, has responded to rumors that he could face a further ten years in prison.

A UK court is about to order the seizure of more than £100 million ($129 million) from Ibori at this time.

The change occurred around six years after Ibori returned to Nigeria from prison after being convicted of money laundering and fraud.

Ibori had been charged by British authorities with stealing state monies and money laundering using UK banks and assets. However, the Ibori confiscation case trial got underway in February 2017.

The former governor of Delta State, however, expressed confidence that he would win the case.

Ibori stated in a tweet that Albert Einstein once said that “doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result” is the definition of insanity.

If that is the case, I must be insane because for more than ten years that the British Courts have been prosecuting me and those close to me, I have maintained my belief that justice and fairness will ultimately prevail.

“Throughout the years, despite some of the most illogical verdicts against me, I continued to believe in hearing after hearing. I maintained my belief despite overwhelming evidence of police misconduct against the primary officer in my case (information so compelling that it led the lead prosecutor to resign from my case).

“Despite a resounding victory in my 2013 Confiscation hearing, which prevented the judge from ordering me to do something, only to have him rule that the prosecution should reopen the case years later – I still believed,” the defendant said.

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