The Court of Appeal ruled that the FG had no justification to detain Kanu – Umeh

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Former National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and Labour Party (LP) senatorial candidate for Anambra Central, Victor Umeh, has stated that the federal government has no justification to hold Nnamdi Kanu after the Court of Appeal decision.

The Court of Appeal in Abuja discharged and acquitted Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), of terrorism charges on Thursday, but the federation’s attorney general, Abubakar Malami, said the judgment does not dismiss previous allegations against him before he left Nigeria in 2017.

The federal government continues to detain the freedom fighter in contempt of the Court of Appeal judgment.

However, Umeh told media in an interview that the federal government had no cause to keep him.

“The news of the Court of Appeal’s decision is quite reassuring and heartening in the sense that the federal government of Nigeria has been given a great opportunity to put an end to the conflict between IPOB and the federal government of Nigeria.”

“When he (Kanu) was returned home from Kenya last year, I was among those who pleaded for a fair judicial adjudication.” Along the way, a court in Umuahia overturned the accusations against Kanu and ordered his unconditional release through a suit he filed.

“At the time, I advised the federal government to find a political approach to end the situation and reduce political and security tensions, but they refused.”

“Now that the allegations against him have been dropped by the court of appeals, it is elementary for the FG to release him and let him go.” The United Nations had already issued an order for Kanu’s release.

“While the UN and the rest of the world waited for the government to back down, the Court of Appeal issued an order for his release.” I don’t believe the federal government has any cause to hold him.”

Umeh, who also commented on the press release issued by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, in which he emphasized that Kanu had other crimes to answer, stated that the recent ruling releasing Kanu was an opportunity for the federal government to embrace peace.

“Someone seeking peace should recognize when God has provided an opportunity to accept peace.” The Court of Appeal’s decision is sufficient to dismiss all charges against Nnamdi Kanu and allow him to leave. It will also aid in the resolution of the South East’s security issues.

“Every Monday, he sits at home in the South East, but if they release him now, that will go away, and we will have five working days a week like everyone else.”

“The federal government has nothing to gain by keeping Nnamdi Kanu detained.” As you may have observed, the level of stress has recently decreased. Releasing Nnamdi Kanu will no longer pose a challenge. It is up to the government to rely on this decision to free him.

“I recall when Igbo leaders went to seek Kanu’s unconditional release, and Prof Ben Nwabueze even went on a wheel chair with Chief Mbazulike Amaechi to do so, and President Buhari said he did not want to interfere in legal processes.”

“However, the Court of Appeal has now freed him.” I believe this is a perfect chance for Mr. President to depend on this decision to release Kanu, as the UN had previously requested. I believe that if this is done, the country will benefit rather than escalating tensions by attempting to keep him. Everyone will be delighted if they follow the ruling.”

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