FCT: Tinubu warned Wike not to nominate you as minister

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The advice against nominating Nyesom Wike to President Bola Tinubu’s cabinet was released by Tinubu.

With his outstanding work in the nation’s capital, the Federal Capital Territory Minister has been an inspiration to many, he said, adding to his remarks.

Wole Soyinka Way, Arterial Road N20 connecting the Northern Parkway and the Outer Northern Expressway in the federal capital city, was inaugurated by Tinubu during his remarks.

The reason I am here today, the Hon. Minister of the FCT and his whole staff, I am come to express my deepest gratitude for the smooth first year of this administration.

The abbreviation WIW, which stands for “Wike is Working,” is touching everyone’s heart because of how many individuals you motivated.

Because they believed you, Wike, would not perform, my heart is brimming with delight and pride. It was said by several people. I got what I wanted. Neither the nation nor I were disappointed by you. Working tirelessly, you thought and did creatively all day and night.

It was my decision to implement the change you suggested. Many are reaping the benefits. The appointment of these individuals as permanent secretaries and public officers fills you with pride.

I am really inspired by the jobs you are making at these events. It was my turn to boast when I stated it in Lagos at the flag off of the beachfront road. My day of boasting has returned.

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