MacDaniel Mark: Femi Fani-Kayode’s statement was a distraction strategy during the revolution in Gabon

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The statement made by Femi Fani-Kayode regarding the coup d’état in Gabon strikes me as being quite distracting. He was consciously and vainly attempting to draw attention away from his and the misdeeds of his gang members at home. He spoke out of dread of his nemesis, but he was unfortunate in that kama is impervious to manipulation.

For the record, the Gabonese revolt was not directed against France as he would have it appear, but rather against avaricious and corrupt politicians who seek office at any costs in order to pillage their countries and impoverish the populace.

The coup was against individuals like him who blatantly trampled on the hallowed altar of democracy throughout Africa in the name of their own ambition. It was directed against political charlatans, election cheats, and economic saboteurs who have long been Africa’s greatest threat to political stability and economic growth.

It was directed at a group of political vultures like him who have been chowing down on the corpses of those they have killed via malnutrition, hunger, and poverty for many years. It was directed at a bunch of cruel and soulless politicians like him who rose to prominence through a forged mandate.

Femi Fani-Kayode and his cronies represent the extremely oppressive, dishonest, immoral, and nasty political group that cheated their way into power in the just-concluded presidential election, therefore who is Femi Fani-Kayode to speak about the developments in Gabon? Contrary to what he would like people to think, the coup in Gabon was not against France but rather against people of his type. It was directed for political thugs who were without shame. If he had been in Gabon, one wonders what would have happened to him by this point.

Once the perfect moment and season have sparked the force of truth, it is unstoppable and will continue to move with atomic impact until it completely overturns every seeming victory of lying. If Fani-Kayode and his ilk still possess any shred of decency left in their horribly damaged reputations, they ought to cover their faces in shame.

Public affairs analyst MacDaniel Mark posts from Ibadan.

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