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Fayemi gives the first monarch of Ahun Ekiti his staff of office

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On Wednesday, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, who is the governor of Ekiti State, gave the staff of office to Oba Jacob Adelowo, who is the first Alahun of Ahun Ekiti in Efon Local Government.

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Ahun Ekiti got independence from Efon Alaaye in Efon Local Government, which led to the installation of Oba Adelowo. The Governor said this was a big day in the history of the new community.

At the ceremony held in the Conference Hall of the Governor’s Office, Dr. Fayemi, who was represented by the Deputy Governor, Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi, said it made him very happy to be a part of the celebration of a new day for the people of Ahun Ekiti.

The Governor emphasized that “granting autonomy to any community is not an attempt to break up a once-close-knit community for political gain, but a real request from a people who thought that getting the recognition they deserved would help development.”

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Dr. Fayemi said that giving new communities autonomy was in line with the best practices around the world, which are meant to bring government and development closer to the people.

He also said, “This exercise is not meant to create feelings of hatred, resentment, favoritism, or anything else that could make it hard for the former allied towns to live together in peace.”

“However, when different communities, including Ahun Ekiti, asked for autonomy, it was granted because that’s what the best practices around the world are, which are mostly geared toward development.”

The Governor also used the event to tell the new king or queen to rally the people of the town to help it grow. He told the subjects to work with the royal fathers to help the town reach new heights.

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He also told the new king that he should use peaceful ways to settle disagreements between his people and make sure that everyone got along with their neighbors, especially Efon Alaaye.

The Governor said, “Kabiyesi, I’m happy for you and all the peace-loving people of Ahun-Ekiti, but I can’t help but repeat the message of peace and harmony that has helped the power bloc of the world achieve and grow in ways that have never been seen before.”

“Because of this, you must be able to get your people to settle any disagreements peacefully. There is no better time than now to get along with your neighboring communities, especially Efon Alaaye Ekiti.”

“Your rise to your father’s throne is a divine call to service that requires hard work, sacrifice, initiative, and patience. I’d like to welcome you to the company of our friendly Royal fathers in the State, who have made a name for themselves by working hard to help this Government carry out its high goals for everyone.

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“I don’t mind recommending you to them for consultation on all Traditional and Chieftaincy matters that affect your community, and our doors are also open for talks about how to make this State a great place to live.” We all belong to this State. We can do more if you continue to help us and work with us.”

Mr. Adegboyega Morakinyo, the Executive Secretary of the Bureau of Chieftaincy Affairs, said that Ahun Ekiti was given autonomy and recognition by the state government on September 28, 2022. This was in line with Section 6A (1) and (2) of the Chiefs Law of Ekiti State, CAP C5 of 2012 and the Customary Law for choosing the holder of the Alahun Chieftaincy.

Morakinyo said that the Ahun Community unanimously named Oba Adelowo of the Aladediya Omole Ruling House as the first recognized Alahun of Ahun Ekiti. He said that the Ahun Community thanked the Governor for giving the people of Ahun Ekiti independence.

He congratulated Oba Adelowo on taking the throne and said that it was a call to duty and service to the whole community. He also said that she was making history as the first Oba of Ahun Ekiti to be recognized.

In his acceptance speech, the Alahun, Oba Adelowo, thanked Governor Fayemi for giving the town autonomy, which he said was the dream of his people. He also said that the new status has changed the people’s story for the better.

Oba Adelowo also thanked the Deputy Governor for being a good father and the people at the Bureau of Chieftaincy Affairs who helped his rise to power go smoothly.

The new king asked God to give him the wisdom to run his people’s affairs and fight for their development among the other towns in Ekiti State.

He also asked his people from far and near to work with him and help him improve the community. He said that a new dawn and a new beginning had come to the kingdom.

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