Fashola disputes that he wrote the ruling for the presidential election tribunal

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Babatunde Fashola, a former minister of works and housing, has refuted rumors that he is presiding over the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT).

Jackson Ude, a Twitter user, said that Fashola and a few All Progressives Congress (APC) lawyers were drafting a ruling for the tribunal judges.

Ude said on Facebook that “Former Lagos State Governor and former Minister for Works, Babatunde Fashola and some APC lawyers are allegedly writing the judgement Bola Tinubu and APC intend to hand over to the Presidential Elections Petition Tribunal.”

Hakeem Bello, Fashola’s special media adviser, argued that the accusation is “baseless and defamatory” in a statement on Sunday.

Bello claimed that distributing false information was a part of a scheme to weaken the courts and urged security authorities to take action against those responsible.

“Fashola voiced his displeasure over the propagation of this false information on social media sites and urged security services to take action against those guilty.

“In response to the charge, Fashola explained that he has been absent from Abuja for a considerable amount of time, making the allegations wholly untrue.

The statement added, “The former minister believes that these allegations may be a part of a larger campaign by those who seek to manipulate the institution for their own gain to undermine the judiciary.”

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