Ebonyi government starts improving the airport runway

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The Chuba Okadigbo Airport runway is now being upgraded to international standards by the Ebonyi State government, under the direction of Governor Francis Nwifuru.

Expats have been hired to upgrade the airport runway, according to Mrs. Ngozi Obichukwu, State Commissioner for Aviation and Technology.

According to Obichukwu, upgrading the runway from concrete to standard asphalting will improve the efficiency of international airlines and other flight operations at the airport.

The runway is made of concrete rather than asphalt, assuring foreign airlines and travelers of adequate protection and a safe landing at the airport. Because of this, Governor Francis Nwifuru immediately sent out professionals who are experienced in runway construction to see how the runway may be rebuilt to meet international standards.

“The foreigners are here, and as you can see, they’re working incredibly hard to make sure the runway complies with international standards. When United Nigeria Airways landed, they asked that the asphalting be changed from concrete to standard.

To make sure that the runway is built to international standards, Governor Francis Nwifuru has started talking with the construction companies China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, CCECC, and CDC.

She continued, “Chuba Okadigbo Airport is a threat to other airports in the South-East region, and needs to be upgraded.”

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