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Obi Campaign: There Is “No Iota Of Truth” to Claims of Funds Diversion and LP Rift

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The media office of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi claims that all of the campaign’s organizers, programs, and divisions are operating in seamless coordination.

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The media office was responding to a report that stated LP members and Obi were at odds over the redirection of campaign contributions to an account connected to retail payment provider Ativo Ltd.

Obi’s media office responded in a statement on Sunday, saying “there is no iota of truth” to the claim.

Our policy at the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Organization has always been not to give any weight to gutter reports, especially those that come from obviously hired hirelings, but we are compelled to make an exception in light of recent reports on social media and other fora of not only interpersonal rifts between personalities and structures in our stone-cast team because of the premium we place on accountability and transparency as a reformist movement and also to dissent from what we perceive to be unjust practices.

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The Obi-Datti Campaign and the Labour Party are collaborating seamlessly to elect a government that would fulfill the preferences of the vast majority of Nigerians, and we must state categorically that there is not a shred of truth in this article.

The official payment options for anyone wishing to donate to our cause are those available on the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign website, https://www.obidatticampaign.com, and are designed for quick, secure, effective, and transparent transactions. They are entirely in line with the law.

In order to promote transparency, efficiency, and professionalism in the process, the LP presidential candidate’s media office claimed that the presidential fundraiser was outsourced and used “the platform of a CAC registered, legitimate, and competent Company, Ativo Ltd Quickraiz Collection.”

The media office declared, “We will not, under any circumstances, be diverted by fabricated trash from the nefarious plots of anxious opponents.

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“Our commitment to leading by example in honesty and pursuing aggressively the win for our well-liked candidates in the Presidential and really in all the next elections is unwavering.”

The media office also stated that Ativo has issued a statement refuting claims that Obi is the company’s owner.

The company was reported as saying, “For the benefit of the general public, ATIVO Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Electronic Payplus Limited that started operation in Nigeria in July 2018 after its establishment as a corporate entity.

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