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Custody battle: Davido responds to Sophia’s assertions that she won’t always be a child

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In response to Sophia Momodu’s assertion that Davido shouldn’t have shared custody of their daughter Imade, Davido has responded.

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Momodu had contended: “The applicant is an artist whose job requires him to travel the world often; he is unable to be with our daughter during important moments.

The applicant shares a home with another lady to whom she is married. We cannot ensure that our daughter will be raised properly by someone else.

“Our daughter cannot be placed in the custody of the Applicant, as evidenced by the Applicant’s son’s untimely and dubious death at his residence.”

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Davido responded by writing on his official X page, “You keep bringing up my child’s death whenever you can to remind us of this tragedy that haunts us every day of our lives.”

“I want my children to know that I stood up for her.” You may have her for the time being.

“PS: She will not always be a child. Savor Aurora Adeleke, Imade! Your dad adores you.

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