CUPP demands the release of an alleged DSS detainee who is Aisha Buhari’s critic

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The Department of Security Service and the Nigeria Police were urged by the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) on Wednesday to release the detained student who had criticized Mrs. Aisha Buhari, the president’s wife, as soon as possible.

According to 460play, security personnel detained Federal University, Dutse student Aminu Mohammed after he allegedly criticized the First Lady in a tweet.

Despite the fact that the police later denied being aware of the student in their care.

Ikenga Ugochinyere, the spokesman for the opposition parties, asserted that the First Lady does not have the authority to order the arrest of her detractors and that providing the student who was being detained with free legal representation was cruel and evil in nature.

The boy who criticized Aisha was detained and subjected to torture, according to the statement, which urged President Buhari to order the arrest of all officers involved. It also demanded that the DSS and police release the student right away because the First Lady does not have the authority to detain her detractors.

While regretting that Aisha is still arresting her critics using the cruel and out-of-date Abacha method, the statement claimed that the president’s wife is now using Aso Rock and her security to do so.

Aisha is acting like Mugabe’s wife in addition to using the Abacha method by allegedly kidnapping critics and taking them to Aso Rock.

“In order for the boy to join his colleagues and continue his examination, the government and security agencies must free him from his illegitimate detention. In order to uphold the detained student’s fundamental human rights to freedom of expression and freedom of movement and combat his illegitimate detention, the CUPP is providing free legal assistance, the group said.

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