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After suspected bandits and smugglers killed two officers and injured one, Customs issued a warning

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In two separate events this week, suspected bandits and smugglers launched violent attacks, killing two customs officers and injuring another, leaving customs officers in Kebbi and Katsina States in a state of shock.

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The Comptroller FOU ‘B’ Musa Ibrahim Jalo expressed grave worry and warned that any additional attacks on customs officials in the region would be faced with ferocious opposition, stressing that a directive had been granted for a thorough investigation to find and capture those responsible for the attacks.

No matter whose ox gets gored, the unit’s members will continue to carry out their duty, claims Jalo, despite this savage attack.

Traditional elders, civic leaders, and parents were also urged by the Customs Area Controllers for the impacted areas to warn their people against engaging in such heinous behavior since anyone found guilty will suffer the consequences.

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They also exhorted citizens to share any information they may have on alleged smugglers and criminals in order to help maintain law and order, while guaranteeing informants of strict secrecy in the joint endeavor to protect the safety and security of the country.

According to a statement released on Wednesday, August 24, 2023 by Mubarak Mustapha, acting public relations officer for Kebbi Area Command, ASC II, suspected bandits in an ash-colored Toyota Corolla ambushed customs officers from the Kebbi Area Command while they were conducting a routine stop-and-search operation along Bunza, Dakingari, and Koko Road.

Alhaji Kabiru Shehu, a Customs Inspector, and Abdullahi Muhammad, a Customs Assistant II, were both slain in the assault.

On August 23, a different incident occurred, and SC Isah Sulaiman, the Customs Public Relations Officer for Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘B’ (FOU ‘B’) Kaduna, reported that agents from the zone were attacked by alleged smugglers while on patrol in the Dankama Area.

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An Inspector of Customs named Haruna A. was critically hurt during the assault and is now undergoing medical care in a hospital.

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