Concerns over potential “bloodbath” as Israel announces operation in Rafah

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The anticipated military action in Rafah by Israel has been met with severe warnings from the World Health Organization (WHO).

On Saturday, the group issued the warning on its X page.

The attack on Rafah, a city on the southern border, was predicted to result in “a bloodbath.”

According to the World Health Organization, over 1.2 million people are taking refuge in the region, with many of them being unable to find alternative locations.

It warned that further waves of relocation would make congestion much worse by cutting off people’s access to essentials like food, water, health care, and sanitation. The result would be more disease outbreaks, higher hunger rates, and more casualties.

In spite of constant assaults and shortages of essential medical supplies, fuel, and personnel, the World Health Organization reported that just 33% of Gaza’s 36 hospitals and 30% of primary health care centers were operational in some form.

A rapid and permanent end to hostilities, as well as the lifting of all restrictions on the entry and movement of critical humanitarian supplies into and across Gaza, were demanded by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is hell-bent on attacking Rafah in order to wipe out Hamas’ last bastions of support.

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