Kwara CP talks with labor, security, and stakeholder leaders over a scheduled protest

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Ebunrotimi Adelesi, the commissioner of the Kwara State Police Command, met with the state’s labor and student organizations on Tuesday to discuss peace.

This gathering was a part of efforts to preserve the state’s current peace and tranquility, particularly in light of the planned Wednesday protest by the state’s labor, trade, and student unions against the socioeconomic crisis brought on by the federal government’s removal of fuel subsidies.

The Director of State Services and the Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC, were also present at the meeting. Discussions focused on how the protest, if it were to ultimately take place, could be peaceful and devoid of hostility given how precarious the security situation is nationwide and in the state in particular.

Both the Director DSS in the state, Mr. Patrick Ikenweiwe, and Commandant NSCDC, GB Umar, passionately discussed the necessity for the labor unions to postpone the protest and carry on with the engagement they have started with the federal government in their respective contributions.

The meeting’s labor and student leaders expressed their willingness to call off the protest if only their national leaders gave them the order to do so.

One thing that was generally acknowledged was that everyone prioritized the state’s peace and progress.

Everyone present, including the CP, decided to hold off acting until the meeting between the Federal administration and the leaders of the Labor movement produced a final decision.

Security measures have been put in place all around the state in the meanwhile to prevent a stalemate and to lessen the likelihood of any negative consequences if the protest succeeds.

As a result, the Commissioner of Police urged guardians and parents to summon their kids and wards to order and counsel them against becoming tools in the hands of the bad guys.

“Anyone found acting contrary to the laws of the land during the protest would be arrested and charged in court,” the state police command’s spokesman, SP Okasanmi, said in a statement on Tuesday in Ilorin.

Comrade Muritala Saheed, State Chairman NLC, Comrade Joseph Tunde, TUC, Alhaji Yinka Onikijipa, Chairman TREAN, Alhaji Azeez Yakubu, Chairman ORAN, Alhaji Babaelesin Abdulazeez, Sec. TOAN, and Yusuf Abdulgafar, a student representative from the University of Ilorin, were all present at the meeting.

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