House of Representatives calls on Tinubu to end the hiring ban

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President Bola Tinubu has been urged by the House of Representatives to abolish the hiring restriction.

The House made the request during the session on Wednesday after a Francis Ejiroghene Waive motion was approved.

The MP who proposed the motion claimed that the previous administration had put an embargo on hiring in federal ministries, departments, and agencies during the recession as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and a sharp decline in the price of crude oil internationally.

He recalled that the then-President was urged to lift the employment embargo in a resolution that was adopted by the 9th House.

Waive pointed out that despite social media rumors claiming the embargo had been removed, there was zero proof that any employment had actually begun.

He claimed that the Civil Service of the Federation has been jobless for a number of years, which has led to a scarcity of personnel, particularly in the junior and middle-level cadre as officials are promoted, some retire, and others pass away.

According to the congressman, various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies have turned to hiring casual employees who are paid from their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and other sources.

Waive pointed out that while it is unfortunate that the casual employees are not eligible for pensions, it is unlawful to use public funds for any purpose without a legislative authorisation.

He expressed worry that the hardship of young unemployed Nigerians has worsened as a result of the removal of petroleum product subsidies.

Lifting the employment ban and moving forward with hiring young, qualified Nigerians should be included in Mr. President’s rescue measures, the legislator said, as some of the savings from eliminating the subsidy might be spent in this manner.

In light of this, the House recommended “the President to lift the embargo on employment in Ministries, Departments, and of the Federal Government.”

It also exhorted the Federal Civil Service Commission and other pertinent organizations to carry out the instruction issued by the President in this regard right away.

The Public Service Matters, Labor, and Employment Committees (when created) were instructed by the House to ensure compliance and provide a report within four weeks for additional legislative action.

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