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community in Ondo is tense following the death of a navy officer

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On Tuesday, fear swept through the rural community of Idoani in Ondo State’s Ose Local Government Area when a navy officer was killed there by alleged hoodlums.

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Naval officers invaded the neighborhood after the military personnel were killed in order to capture those responsible for their colleague’s murder.

The marketplaces were empty when the naval officers descended upon the village in large numbers, according to sources, which increased tension.

The incident is alleged to have caused the neighborhood’s youth to leave the area out of fear of being arrested. The slain officer’s coworkers allegedly threatened to exact revenge on him.

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A local source claims that the naval commander was driving down the road when, while attempting to avoid potholes, he splashed water on a passenger on a motorcycle.

According to reports, the police pulled over and apologized to the rider, who is known to have power over certain local criminals.

Ayo, the rider, refused to accept the officer’s apology, though.

Ayo then summoned some thugs from the neighborhood, who arrived on the spot and whacked the unconscious naval commander with an iron rod in the head.

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The officer was taken by ambulance to a hospital in the city, but a doctor there confirmed his death when he arrived.

The state’s police spokeswoman, Funmi Odunlami, made a commitment to learn more about the incident when approached.

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