Blaqbonez is milking our feud to be relevant, says TG Omori

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Blaqbonez, a well-known rapper and director of music videos, is allegedly solely trolling TG Omori on social media in order to stay relevant in the music business.

He said that since he began their internet feud, Blaqbonez’s career has soared.

According to 460play, Blaqbonez and TG Omori split up because the rapper refused to pay Omori’s exorbitant cost to direct the music video for his hit song “Back In Uni” by himself.

According to TG Omori, who recently appeared on the Zero Conditions podcast, Blaqbonez can banter with him on social media as long as he doesn’t cross any lines.

Blaqbonez is merely attempting to profit off me, he claimed. He is also my guy, so I will let him take the lead. Emeka needs to shine.

“TG Omori’s banter in the video “Back In Uni” by Blaqbonez was the most popular. Because he included TG, everyone was trying to watch the video. You utilize TG Omori’s name if you can’t afford him.

“I can understand that. Not like we hang out or anything, but he is my guy. But let the young n*gga shine as long as he hasn’t treated me badly. Since the whole banter thing, his career has improved, so I asked him to pay me 10%. However, I would overlook it because we advance by supporting one another.

The top music video director in the nation, according to TG Omori, was also featured.

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