Anita Brown promises Davido, “I’ll get work visas for your struggling babymamas

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Davido’s “struggling babymamas” will receive work permits, according to American actress and OnlyFans star Anita Brown, who announced she is expecting a kid with the well-known Nigerian singer.

The musician doesn’t pay his babymamas child support, according to Anita, who has been dragging Davido on social media ever since she called him out for getting her pregnant. She emphasized that she is about to alter that.

On Friday morning, she claimed Davido was ready to experience karma on Twitter.

She claimed that although the musician has roughly six babymamas, he is a deadbeat father.

“All them baby mothers that ain’t getting support, not me, here i come HOE!” Anita wrote in a series of tweets.

“Until they can receive what they deserve, I’ll get every new mother a work visa!

“There are roughly 6 unpaid babymothers! and battling! Speaking out in a slacker manner! purely because they are unable to obtain favor from a genuine judge! SMD! I AM HERE!”

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