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Bauchi announces sharing formula after receiving N2 billion in palliatives

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According to the government of Bauchi State, it has received N2 billion of the N5 billion that the Nigerian federal government promised to grant states to lessen the impact of the elimination of fuel subsidies.

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While educating journalists on the template and providing mechanisms, the Commissioner for Humanitarian and Disaster Management, Hajara Wanka, verified receipt of the document.

She asserts that more recipients of the Federal Government’s subsidy withdrawal palliative will be reached there than at other polling places, while other beneficiaries will be reached in other ways.

When she announced the sharing plan, she stated that N2 billion would be used to purchase 88,889 25kg bags of rice for distribution to the state’s most disadvantaged groups. She also stated that N800 million would be used to pay the state pensioners’ gratuities.

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She added that the palliative distribution committee has also developed the sharing formula for the remaining N3 billion. She stated that in order to prevent politics in the distribution process, the committee will be led by traditional and religious leaders and supervised by local government officials.

Women, individuals with disabilities (PWDs), and state pensioners are among the recipients.

According to her, “We proposed a model for sharing and we suggested consideration of the numbers of polling units as communities because it is through polling units that you will get to the grassroots and reach the deserving population,” she said.

The amount of N2 billion has been set aside to buy 88,889 25kg bags of rice for N23,500 each. For the purpose of paying gratuities, N500 million will be released to the State Pension Board and N300 million to the Local Government Pension Board.

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For over 12 years, people who are now in active duty have been entitled something, specifically a leave grant. It has been decided to set aside N680 million for the payment of the 2023 leave grant.

She added that 1,000 health volunteers would get N60 million in unconditional cash transfers over a six-month period, proving that health workers weren’t left out.

The commissioner emphasized that N325 million in unconditional cash transfers would also be delivered to the most vulnerable populations, which include persons with disabilities, women who work in social development, and nonpartisan women’s groups.

In addition, N76 million, according to Wanka, has been set aside for the provision of unconditional cash transfers to youths, and proactive steps have been taken to ameliorate the transportation challenges faced by students.

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She continued by saying that 10 new buses would also be bought and used in the cities of Misau, Azare, and Ningi.


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