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Jigawa women protest the lack of family planning facilities in their community

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Concerns about the lack of family planning services at health facilities throughout Jigawa State have been voiced by women.

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They brought up the issue during the Jigawa Maternal and Accountability Forum (JIMAF) and Women’s Integrated Services for Health (WISH) sponsored budget review for family planning held at the Manpower Development Institute, Dutse.

One of the attendees, Malama Hauwa, claimed that because of the heightened FP awareness campaign, the demand had grown and there were shortages of the good throughout the State.

She stated that in order to obtain the treatments, the majority of women turn to private patent medical vendors, raising the likelihood of maternal death in the State.

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Another participant, Halima, claimed that Jigawa State women were no longer visiting hospitals for family planning because of its dearth.

She urged the state administration to take into account yearly increases in family planning allocations and releases to meet the needs of the 13% of women who need the service due to their reproductive health.

Isah Mustapha, a resource person, stated earlier while giving the budget analysis that the commodity’s scarcity was caused by years of insufficient budgetary provision and releases.

He claims that from 2016 to 2019, there was no financial provision for family planning, but in 2020, N10 million, N20 million, N22 million, and N35 million were allotted for it.

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None in 2020, N7.628 million in 2021, N23 million in 2022, and none in the second quarter of 2023.

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