Nigerian women face rejection, says Ada Ogbu, a leader of the APC

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Princess Ada Ogbu, who is a leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu State, has once again talked about the problems women in Nigeria face.

Ogbu, who is running for Enugu East Senatorial zone for the APC, said that women have what it takes to be good leaders.

Ogbu said that Nigerian women were still being turned down by men in all ways, even though it had been almost 23 years since the country went back to democratic rule.

The APC candidate for senator was talking when she hosted Mrs. Onyii Mamah, the Director-General of Women Support Women, in Enugu on Tuesday.

She said that everyone has a part to play in boosting and improving women’s leadership opportunities and influence, even teenage girls and young women, who will be the leaders of the future.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, the countries that were run by women did so well. She also said that the value of women’s leadership can be seen in the ways they lead, such as through cooperation, collaboration, and including everyone.

“When I went to the August meeting, I went to a lot of places and told them one thing: it’s not about Ada Ogbu. I’m only the second woman to get an invitation to a big party. Women are more thorough and run their campaigns differently than men, which makes them more interesting.

“I’m very pleased with this plan. We have to get the word out that women can do better. It’s clear that women can do better there than men because we have more empathy. We worry about that.

“A lot of people have said, ‘They’ve tried men, let them try women; they’re afraid and they can do better.’ “As women, we are making progress, but we need to do a lot more for our sisters, nieces, and daughters,” she said.

Ogbu congratulated women on International Day of the Girl Child and said that society needs to pay attention to how girls are educated.

In response, Mrs. Onyii Mamah, who is the Director-General of Women Support Women, praised Princess Ada Ogbu for having the courage and determination to go into an area where most people are men.

According to Mamah, “Women support Women (WSW) is non-partisan and our message is purely candidate over party.”

Mamah, the founder of the Heroine Women Foundation, said, “Now is the time for women to take the stage.” She added that it would be good for women to see other women in the space.

“Women are starting to get on stage. No woman can’t do her job because she knows what it’s like to hurt. “If we work together, we can do so much more,” she said.

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