According to reports, ISWAP invites Boko Haram to a shootout in Sambisa forest

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Zagazola Makama, a security analyst and expert in counterinsurgency in Lake Chad, claims to have obtained a letter from the ISWAP group that challenges the Abubakar Shekau-led Boko Haram side to a duel.


According to Zagazola, ISWAP accused the Boko Haram organization of deceiving the public, disseminating untruths, withholding information, corruption, and the rape of women in the name of worshiping God.

On Friday, he made this claim in a message to his social media account, claiming that the Boko Haram branch had already accepted the offer.

He claims that the combat, which took place in Gaizuwa, resulted in several casualties on both sides.


Remember that the security expert had published a different statement on Wednesday saying that Boko Haram soldiers had apprehended 60 ISWAP militants, including three important commanders of the sect.

The commanders of ISWAP were detained in Borno State, according to Zagozola, who named them as Abubakar Saddiq, Abou Maimuna, and Malam Idris.

Zagazola, however, said that “both groups are warming up for the next battle, although the time and venue remain unannounced.”


EXCLUSIVE: ISWAP invited Boko Haram to a shootout in the Sambisa forest, the author said.

“Zagazola has acquired an exclusive later letter from the ISWAP group, sent to Abubakar Shekau’s Boko Haram section, challenging them to a FIGHT.

“The ISWAP cautioned Boko Haram in a letter addressed to the group, saying things like, ‘We warned you about what you are doing; from killing, damaging people’s properties, and abusing the courses of our Jihad.

Additionally, they charged the Boko Haram group with deceiving the populace, disseminating untruths, concealing information, corruption, and the rape of women in the guise of worshiping God.

“Beware, beware, stand ready; if you mislead our people, we will follow. And this day will see the attack:

“94/August/5252 AD corresponds to 57/Rabi Al-Awwal/9448 AH.

The challenge has already been accepted by the Boko Haram side. Many people were killed during the combat of Gaizuwa on both sides.

“Both teams are getting ready for the forthcoming conflict. Time and location are unknown.


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