A new police chief promises to take on security head-on

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Abiodun Asabi, the newly appointed police commissioner in Ondo State, has committed to put policies in place that will maintain the state’s residents’ sense of safety and calm.

In order to produce significant outcomes, Asabi, who took office on Tuesday, emphasized the importance of cooperation between the police force, other security agencies, and the general population.

The police chief highlighted to reporters at the state’s police headquarters the urgent necessity for the state’s security architecture to be revitalized in order to successfully address the numerous security problems.

Asabi told the state’s citizens that the police force would place a high priority on safeguarding people’s lives and property.

He added exhorted people to actively contribute to upholding law and order by offering correct and timely information that would support the police’s activities.

The command will continue to work with other security agencies and help local security organizations in our areas to battle crime as the state’s primary internal security agency.

“The heads of departments, tactical team commanders, divisional police officers, and area commanders are to ensure coordinated efforts in the monitoring and control of individuals under their watch.

Additionally, I will make sure that our guiding values are professionalism, respect for human rights, and worldwide best practices.


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