A group within the Benue National Assembly has spoken out against the worsening security situation

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Members of the National Assembly representing Benue State have spoken out against the deteriorating security situation in their home state.

At a news conference on Wednesday, the legislators from Benue State National Assembly Caucus—an umbrella group for the state’s lawmakers—asked the federal government and appropriate security agencies to save the state from the terrifying situation.

In a statement issued by Senator Abba Moro, who also serves as Senate Minority Leader, federal politicians from Benue have urged the federal and state governments, along with security services, to fulfill their responsibility to protect the lives and property of inhabitants of the state.

Agatu, Apa, Guma, Makurdi, Gwer West, and Otukpo are among the local government areas in the state where a number of killings and displacements have taken place, and the lawmakers have condemned these atrocities.

To stop the increasing attacks and stop the rise of vigilantism, they demanded immediate action.

Benue State’s elected councils were illegally dissolved and caretaker committees installed, according to the caucus.

A lack of legitimacy and political will, they said, prevents such committees from addressing the widespread insecurity at the community level.

Alternatively, they advocated for the creation of locally elected councils with the authority to handle security issues in their individual districts.

Dignitaries such as Senate Minority Leader Comrade Abba Moro, Senator Titus Zam (representing the Benue Northwest Senatorial District), and numerous state representatives from different federal districts were present at the news conference.

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