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British school should take a stand against bullying recorded on camera and punish pupils

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Students captured in a video bullying a classmate will face disciplinary action at the Lead British International, LBI, Abuja, according to the school.

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The Head of School of LBI Abuja, Abraham Ogunkanmbi, made the announcement on Tuesday.

The video of a girl student being bullied by her classmates went viral in Nigeria, causing widespread indignation, according to the 460PLAY.

Nevertheless, according to Ogunkanmbi, the school has contacted the “victim and family to provide support, including access to counselling services to help them cope with the emotional and psychological impact of the incident.”

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The offender and their family will be part of our effort to help them overcome the shameful actions they’ve committed by providing them with therapy and sanctioning them as necessary.

I have also formed a specialized team to investigate the situation extensively and have promptly launched an inquiry.

The team has been conducting interviews and studying video material in order to grasp the whole occurrence and determine the reasons, both near and distant.

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