“Women” in Africa are not treated appropriately – Joeboy

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Joeboy (Joseph Akinfenwaa Donus) is a popular artist who has spoken about the meaning of his song “Better.”

The artist said that he wanted to bring attention to the issue of domestic abuse against women by writing the song.

He recently told Vivz, a well-known media figure, this in an interview.

“Properly” treating women is not always the norm in African civilization, according to Joeboy.

As the host put it, “Better” is his all-time favorite song.

It seems like you’re defending a lady who’s been wronged by a male in that song.

According to Joeboy, “domestic abuse” is common in African civilization.

On occasion, women are subjected to improper treatment and maltreatment.

Domestic abuse against women is an issue that I wanted to bring to light.

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