Kanye West’s ex-assistant filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him

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Divided opinion Many lawsuits have been filed against American artist Kanye West, alleging wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and breach of contract.

His two-year assistant Lauren Pisciotta claims she was let off in 2022 and never received her severance payment of three million (or about £2.4 million).

Pisciotta claims that West engaged in sexually explicit text messages and phone calls with her.

Reports indicate that Pisciotta met West in 2021 while she was mostly supporting herself through her OnlyFans profile. At first, West seemed fine with her maintaining her OnlyFans business.

But in 2022, he supposedly said he wanted her to be “God-like” and offered her $1 million to remove her account from her exclusive fan base.

After she deleted the account, she claims that West began sending her sexual films and other explicit texts.

According to Pisciotta, he masturbated while they were on the phone and once “trapped” her in a private cabin on his jet, where he then pleasured himself in front of her.

There are allegations of fraud, unpaid pay, and deliberate infliction of mental distress, and Pisciotta is pursuing damages for these claims.

West has remained silent throughout the entire ordeal and has yet to address the accusations, according to this story.

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