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With the current challenges, Nigeria requires honest judicial officers, according to CJN Ariwoola

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The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Olukayode Ariwoola, has stated that the country is in desperate need of enthusiastic judges who will support the rule of law and the integrity of the court.

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Ariwoola declared this on Friday at the inauguration of Stanley Lawal, the newly appointed acting president of the federal capital territory’s customary court of appeal (FCT).

The CJN instructed the acting court of appeals president in his speech to always represent the judiciary well in his new position.

“Nigeria is today beset by a slew of issues that necessitate the sincere and honest intervention of judicial officers.” “We hear about many sorts of corruption, as well as killings, kidnappings, armed robbery, banditry, and all forms of terrorism against the state and individual citizens,” Ariwoola added.

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“Most of the time, these matters make their way to court for correct adjudication.”

“At the two lower rungs of the judicial ladder, you are there to represent our interests and crystallize the image of the Nigerian judiciary by administering justice to all situations that come before your lordship.”

He also instructed the new acting president to keep his office free of undeserved gifts that could cloud his judgment.

“A lure with unearned monetary items will not only tarnish your reputation, but will also impair your judgment.” “You must consider your God, the constitution, and your conscience in all you do while adjudicating,” he stated.

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“Always keep in mind, as I believe you have, that at all times in your life, someone somewhere is watching you and taking note of everything you do.”

“We frequently hear about shady dealings by some judicial employees, particularly at the bottom of the ladder.”

“I would like your lordship to remember that destiny has bestowed upon you this immense duty of leading your brother judges and the whole staff of the FCT’s usual court of appeal.”

“At the crossroads we have reached in Nigeria today, we are searching diligently and passionately for a crop of judicial officers who will serve as role models and confidently fly the banner of honesty, integrity, and uprightness.”

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“The current condition of circumstances in the country requires nothing less.” To acquire a lasting reputation in the Nigerian judiciary, you must demonstrate your adjudicatory and administrative acumen.

“This is a mandatory activity that demands our judicial officers’ consciences to be aligned with good conduct, fear of God, and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which we have all solemnly promised to preserve under any circumstances.”

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