Will Stevens, the United States Consul General, opens up about his favorite Afrobeats musician from Nigeria

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Will Stevens, consul general of the United States of America in Lagos, has spoken about the Afrobeats musician from Nigeria that he loves.

Afrobeats singer Tems was immediately named by the Consul General when requested to do so in a recent interview with comedian Basketmouth.

Admitting that he “got a little big of crunch” when listening to Tems, he lauded her distinctive voice.

“Who is my favorite Afrobeats artist?” Stevens asked. Tems must be it. Those words… Just hearing her speak made me feel a bit queasy. And on Black Panther, when she performs Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry.” Her talent is astounding.

The Consul General mentioned that he enjoys listening to a variety of Afrobeats performers, including Tems, Asake, Fireboy, Davido, and many more.

Fireboy, Asake, and Davido are just a few of the Nigerian artists I’ve met. Burna Boy are fantastic dudes, albeit I have never met them. Amazing individuals.

Nigerian artists are familiar to me, and I listen to their music occasionally. “However, Tems is the one that I can simply tune in whenever I want,” he continued.

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