Whitemoney warns housemates that fights will no longer be separated

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Whitemoney, a contestant on Big Brother Naija All Stars, has advised his friends against breaking up fights between other inmates.

The most recent violent altercation in the current season, according to 460play, occurred between Angel and Ilebaye last night and resulted in the former threatening to leave the home on his own volition.
However, Whitemoney claimed that some housemates are constantly threatening to fight since they are aware of the potential consequences to their coworkers in a conversation with Adekunle and Soma on Thursday morning.

He declared that anyone who physically assaults another housemate will henceforth be permitted to fight.

If somebody starts a fight after drinking, I won’t respond to you again, he said.

“We talk am yesterday,” Adekunle implied. Alright, una no dey. We didn’t discuss yesterday that we would let any girls fight it out on their own if they started one. E be like to say, “Na, e dey ginger them, that holding wey dem de hold them.”

“Na that holding na e dey ginger dem,” Whitemoney continued. Never again hold someone. You desire conflict? Do you want to fight? If you feel like trimming your wig or lengthening your eyelashes, go ahead. Stop holding now.

“She says come and defend me if I eventually get the babe here and the babe decides to fight. You should be aware of what brought you here, therefore I won’t defend you.

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