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Etinosa Idemudia describes how her ex-husband tied her up and submerged her head in water


Etinosa Idemudia, a well-known Nollywood actress, described how her now-ex-husband allegedly tortured her to force her to admit to cheating on him.

She claimed that he tied her up and threatened to confess by submerging my head in water during the night.

The actress recently spoke with media personality Chude Jideonwo about her horrifying experience with domestic violence during her time in marriage.

She claimed that following the torture, she was admitted to the hospital and given oxygen therapy.

Idemudia remarked, “I was ignorant; I knew nothing. A mumu, I was. When I got married, I was 22. ‘I’m not your friend, I’m your master,’ my husband remarked to me.

“I received a call from his [my ex-husband’s uncle] when I was at the clinic. I was receiving care because I was restrained the previous evening. The previous night was very difficult for me. I merely stated that this is my final act before passing away. I abstained. I nearly died from an ulcer. praying and fasting.

“See all those CIA movies where they torture you by putting your head in a bowl of water because they want to know the truth about whether you are cheating or not?”

Jideonwo, the host, enquired: “So there was actual physical violence?”

What did Idemudia say in response to the broken bone? What do they bring people in the hospital where they put oxygen in their noses?

“As tall as you are right now, he’s quite… Short males irritate me. I like huge guys because I like to feel safe [laughs] . Therefore, this kind of blow is made. Shu if he slaps sef.

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She claimed that after growing tired of his assault, she later denounced her ex-husband to the police.


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