When I was plus-size, I experienced the worst body-shaming. (Eniola Badmus)

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Actress Eniola Badmus of Nollywood has expressed regret over the constant online slander.

She claimed to have experienced the “height of body shaming” when she was plus size, and that even today, as she pursues health, she is still the target of disparaging remarks because of her political stance.

A Federal High Court in Lagos recently condemned Tiktoker Okoye Blessing Nwakego, alias Ego, to three years in prison for accusing Badmus of introducing women to prominent politicians for prostitution. This is according to 460play.

Badmus reminded Nigerians that celebrities are also people in response to the disparaging remarks made about her on Friday via her Twitter account.

“You don’t have a single fact or piece of evidence, yet you’ll sit in front of your phones and edit a polished video disparaging my character. Why? When I was a plus size, body shaming was at its height. Now, as I embark on a fitness quest, I am receiving the same unfavorable remarks that I received when I made my political decision.

“Guys, respect people’s right to live their life as they see fit. How about those who lack the strength to maintain it and stoically battle depression and low self-esteem?

“Just like you, celebrities have blood coursing through their veins. Why judge me on my personal and human deeds when no one in your corner is judging your decision or way of living? she asked.

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