Police finally apprehend suspect Meshack in Edo for the stolen N55 million Benz from Abuja

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Meshack Sinuphro, who is accused of fleeing with a Benz GLB 250 in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, has been detained by police officers.

According to 460play, the suspect, who pretended to be a potential customer, stole the Benz last week in Abuja while test-driving a car owned by an auto dealer named Mohammed Manga.

However, the N55 million automobile was found on Tuesday in Delta State after being located by the police and allegedly being abandoned in a bush by the culprit.

Meshack Sinuphro, who had previously been listed as wanted, was apprehended on Thursday in Benin City, the capital of Edo State.

On Thursday night, DSP Bright Udafe, the public relations officer for the Edo Police, tweeted to announce the arrest.

The culprit, Meshack Sinuphro, who is accused of stealing a Mercedes in Abuja while posing as a buyer, was detained by the Command Decoy Squad today in Benin City, the author wrote.

“The suspect will be brought under FCT authority as soon as possible. Police should always be notified of crimes, and we will respond.

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