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USA allegations against a Southern Kaduna group On security, CDS Musa

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Kaduna in the south American citizens have encouraged Major General Christopher Gwabin Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, to protect Nigerians from additional terrorist assaults.

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In a message, the group expressed its happiness at Musa’s acclaimed readiness to put an end to terror assaults carried out across the nation by criminal organizations.

The news of your nomination was received with great enthusiasm and excitement by many people and communities both inside and outside of Nigeria, according to the letter, which was signed by the organization’s president, Freeman Kamuru. Our happiness at your confirmation today has been complete, and we are praying that you would lead the Nigerian military in a fresh endeavor to successfully handle the security issues the nation is currently experiencing.

In light of the fact that Southern Kaduna received little to no protection from security personnel and no aid for the thousands of displaced people from the state or federal governments, the organization asked the CDS to ensure that every area of Nigeria is secured.

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It prayed that the next CoS’s term would herald the beginning of the restoration of peace and calm throughout Nigeria, especially in Southern Kaduna, which it claimed had taken the brunt of the terrible acts of terrorism committed by social outcasts with depraved motives.

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