Police publish emergency contact numbers

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The phone numbers of all divisional police officers, or DPOs, have been made public by the Adamawa State Police Command so that residents can contact them in case of a security emergency.


This is in response to an increase in criminal activity throughout the state; just last Friday, a man was killed in the state capital by a teenage gang that was after his cellphones.

In a statement received by 460play on Monday morning from the command headquarters in Yola, 51 DPOs from the state’s 21 local government areas were listed as being contactable at any time of day or night for security breaches.

The numbers are a backup for all residents in the police command’s “effort to effectively respond to distress calls and to ensure the protection of lives and property,” according to the statement. They are described as “DPOs’ emergency hotlines for standard operational procedures for seamless responses to distress calls”.


The statement, which was signed by Suleiman Nguroje, Police Public Relations Officer, further stated that the DPOs’ hotlines would assure surveillance and reporting of any suspicious activity or violent activities by dishonest individuals capable of upsetting public calm.

The statement emphasized that this was done as part of the Command’s endeavor to carry out its strategy of reacting to distress calls and dealing with lawbreakers or groups of lawbreakers in any section of the state.

In order to report any security breaches in their neighborhood, it urged the general public to call the DPO who covers their area.


Phone numbers for the DPO:

(3) DPO Girei.. 07033131950 (1) DPO TOUNGO.. 08065124220 (2) DPO Karewa.. 09032215921
(2) DPO Demsa 08037467327 (3) DPO Jabbi Lamba 07033364880 (4)
DPO Mubi South 08032753144 (6)
(7) DPO M/Belwa 08027957667 (8 DPO Daware 08136100583 (9 DPO Savanna 07060596545 (10 DPO M/North 08060509242) (11) DPO Gyewana 08065659045 (12) DPO Jambutu 08065776682 (13) DPO Michika 08140833512 (14) DPO Kojoli 08030509724 (15) DPO Gurin 08031552268 (16
(20) DPO Ganye 08035667884 (21) DPO Dougirei 08034625154 (19) DPO Jada 08038297694
(22) DPO Bajabure 08060071387 (23) DPO Yolde Pate 08035928930 (24) DPO Shagari 08068572875 (25) DPO Malabu 09074441421 (26) DPO Yola 08067581936 (27) DPO Numan 07067736060 (28) DPO Viniklang 09132887959 (29) DPO Gombi 08065470805 (30) DPO Doubleli 080356 DPO Fufore 08064573742 (41) DPO Shelleng 08039672715 (42) DPO Ngurore +2348034645512 (43) DPO SAROU (912) 8215824 (44), DPO Tigno (703) 7582900 (45), DPO Kofare (803) 3460760 (46), DPO Lafiya (912) 9393965 (47), DPO Lamurde (803) 6496812 (48), DPO Kiri (806) 6758933 (49), DPO Garkida (703) 1681476 (50), DPO Borong (81), and D


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