Uchenna Nnanna chastises Blessing CEO over statement about a side chick: “You should be in rehab

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Nollywood actress Uchenna Nnanna has criticized Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, for her opinions on having side women in marriages. Okoro is a well-known, self-described relationship guru.

Remember how Blessing CEO said that having side chicks helps marriages last in a popular social media video?

Without side chicks, many marriages today will fail, she claimed. We would have to deal with that fact since many of these married ladies find it difficult to please their husbands. Perhaps it won’t even be sexual.

“Men have a spirit of adventure. When a woman is pregnant, she may experience a variety of different things. She’s busy and not in the mood. The work is done by the outside chick. Men will leave marriage if there isn’t a side chick to fill that position.

Actress Uchenna Nnanna responded to the viral video on Instagram by accusing the media of interviewing someone who ought to be in a rehabilitation facility. She appeared to be upset by the statement.

“I blamed the media for interviewing someone who should be in a rehab facility,” Nnanna remarked. No one has common sense.

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